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Services   >>>   Performance tuning for (slow) PC's

A computer that gets slower every time is a known problem. This can have several causes:

 ▪ Viruses
 ▪ Spyware
 ▪ Unused programs
 ▪ Programs using a lot of memory
 ▪ Cluttered and fragmented register
 ▪ Fragmentation of the hard disk
 ▪ Wear and tear of vital PC parts

This situation can be solved by cleaning your PC: e.g. the removal of unnecessary files, uninstallation of unused software, defragmentation of your hard disks and cleaning the registry. Marbella Computer Service has the knowledge to complete these tasks thoroughly and efficiently. During the cleanup we can also reorganise the start menu and the desktop icons. 

Sometimes cleaning your PC is not sufficient to solve performance problems. A lot of performance improvement can be gained by installing additional memory (RAM). Sporadically, however, viruses or other programs have caused so much damage, that only a reinstall of Windows will help. For this the hard disk has to be reformatted. Then Windows and all programs have to be installed anew. Therefore Marbella Computer Service always checks the state of your PC beforehand, to make sure that your PC gets the best possible treatment.

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