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Services    >>>   Fiber optics

We have experience in connecting fiber optics and ADSL from all local and national providers. Of course, price is an important criterion, but certainly not the only one. What do you have to take in consideration when selecting an ADSL provider?

Coverage. Fiber optics is not available throughout the whole of Spain. ADSL usually is. Outside the urbanisations there is often no possibility for fiber optics or ADSL. In these cases a 4G router might be useful.

>> Fiber optics is the fastest Internet connection. Download speed up to 300Mbps is possible.

>> ADSL is Internet over a copper phone line. Download speed up to 20Mbps.

>> 4G is Internet over the mobile phone network. Download speed up to 30Mbps.
      By placing a SIM card in a 4G router, everybody connected to this router has Internet access.

Internet speed test

Do you doubt whether your Internet connection is as fast as your provider says it is? Just check it out yourself!

Note: using a router might reduce the speed some 20%.


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