More than 15 years of experience...Free phone calls with Skype...A new PC or your old PC like new......or do you prefer a laptop!Printers in all varieties.Marbella Computer Service for advice, service, equipment and troubleshooting...
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 tel. 616 148 194



Below you will find a list of services Marbella Computer Service can help with or provide for you. Click on "more..." behind the corresponding item for more information.

• Removal of Viruses, Spyware, etc. (more...)

• Protection against Viruses etc.

highly qualified technician• ADSL installation & configuration. (more...)

• Solve Internet & E-mail problems.

• Performance tuning for (slow) PC's. (more...)

• SPAM filters against unsolicited E-mail.

• Data backup or transferring files to new PC.

• Rescue files from damaged hard disks.

• Windows in English. (more...)

• Installation of printers, webcams or other peripheral equipment.

• Skype, Messenger or other software in English.

• Network installations: sharing files and printers. (more...)

• Wireless internet; wireless networks.

• Private lessons by a patient teacher.

• Computer repairs.



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